Welcome to Creative Baggage home of Sew Kids sewing kits!

Creative Baggage was founded on the idea that creativity is good for the soul, the heart and the mind. Creativity is the purest form of self expression, and through creativity, we connect with the core of who we are while allowing ourselves to grow.

Creative Baggage was started in 2011 as a hobby business and has since become a passion, personal blog, and one mom's mission to expose as many people as possible to the joys of being creative.

We developed our Sew Kids kits with the intention of encouraging self-expressive creativity in children. As a mother and seamstress, I was disappointed to see a huge lack of quality sewing related kits for children, especially boys. The kits that existed on the market were either pink with a photo of a little girl on the packaging, or were too challenging for most little children. We thought there had to be a better way, and with this vision Sew Kids was born.

Sew Kids are sewing kits for BOYS and GIRLS ages 6+, all kits include an age appropriate sewing project using Eco friendly felt made from recycled plastic bottles and featuring pre-punched holes. You will also find a kid friendly needle, and easy-to-read photo instructions. Most kids will be able to independently create their kit without the assistance of an adult, which encourages them and rewards independence. We've also included an assortment of embellishments to allow the kids to decorate their project and express themselves freely.

Sew Kids Sewing Kits