Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Meatless Challenge

Meatless January

My manly, meat-eating, hamburger loving, husband decided a few weeks ago that we should try to go meatless for the month of January. Imagine my shock (or should I say horror?). A few things immediately started to stress me out, but mostly the thought of coming up with a bunch of recipes for foods I've never cooked before and didn't know if anyone would even eat. We usually cook at home and try our best to eat made-from-scratch foods as much as possible with our busy schedules.

Surprisingly, this challenge has been fun, and we've already noticed a lot of great changes. I would like to point out that we have cheated a few times. Our family LOVES Panda Express! We would live there if we could. So, when we've gotten take out on busy days, we grabbed Panda and got our "usual".  Also, Brett and I went on a date night and didn't stick to the vegetarian options, I had a roast beef sandwich and he had ribs.  Basically, we are trying to expand our food options, get the kids to eat more veggies, and get more creative with what we eat. Although, I have a ton of respect (and admiration) for vegetarians and vegans, I  also love meat :)

What we found, the kids have in fact tried new things, and liked a lot of stuff we didn't expect. Also, our oldest who refuses to eat vegetables with the exception of corn, has eaten tons of various veggie dishes and even started asking for veggie wraps.

January's not over yet, and we still have a ways to go, so stay tuned for a progress report after we've finished our month.


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