Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cooking From Long-Term Food Storage With Powdered Milk

Cooking from long-term food storage with powdered milk

Today we're going to talk about cooking from your long-term food storage with powdered milk. Although, it may seem counterintuitive to use your food storage, there are many benefits to utilizing your long-term food storage in everyday life, such as;
  • learning to how to reconstitute, or cook items you may not be familiar with, so you know how to use them when you need to use them
  • rotating and cycling through your long-term food storage
  • you will learn what your family eats and what they don't eat so you can buy more of the stuff you know you'll use
One of the items I use almost everyday from our long-term food storage is powdered milk. Although powdered milk tastes much better now than it did when I was growing up, we stick to using it in place of regular milk in all of our cooking, baking and recipes. If we had to use it for drinking milk, we definitely would, we just haven't been faced with a situation that would require that. 

To make using our powdered milk easier, I make up 6-8 cups of milk at a time and keep it in the fridge. This amount of milk will last us about a week depending on my cooking and baking needs. I have always used it before it's gone bad but, reconstituted powdered milk will go sour just as regular milk would if not used up before it expires. So, only make what you think you'll use within the next 7-10 days.

We use both instant powdered milk and non-instant powdered milk. The only difference I've found between the two is the amount the powder needs to be mixed in. 

Instant powdered milk is just that, instant. Using the amount of water specified on the container, mix in the instant powdered milk and give it a few good stirs. 

Non-instant powdered milk requires a bit more stirring than the instant variety and can tend to clump a bit. This hasn't been a problem, and hasn't prevented me from continuing to use it. 

Have you started cooking from your long-term food storage? Do you cook with powdered milk? I'd love to hear about your experience or favorite recipes in the comments below! 
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