Friday, May 22, 2015

Spa Birthday Party Invitations & Free Download


It's that time a year... birthday season in the Davis house. The kids have birthday's only three weeks apart, with the 4th of July right in between, add all of that to summer break, and you get one big challenge. Usually, because of this, we do one big family party for both of the kids, but they're getting older and want to have their own parties with friends. After going back and forth on all of the available options, Danika decided on having a spa party with a few of her friends.

We immediately created Pinterest board for ideas, and we came across the cutest invitations, little sleep masks. The sleep mask invitation is a free printable courtesy of One Charming Party.

To decorate:
Once printed;

  1. Cut mask shape out around the outline. Paste to a card stock paper of your choice.
  2. Using white glue, outlined the masks and add the glitter of your choice.
  3. Using pinking shears, cut around the glitter with a small margin.
  4. Punch a hole on both side using a standard, hand-held hole punch.
  5. String a ribbon through one hole, through the back, and back up through the second hole


These are such fun, cute, handmade invitations that require very little effort, but make a big impression!


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