Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Free Printable Valentines for Classmates

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This week's homework assignment for my first grader was to write out her valentine's for her classmates. She was given plenty of time to complete the assignment and has the necessary skills to do it too. But.... This six year old girl had excuse after excuse why she couldn't do it, and why it was TOO HARD! <---- Insert six year old girl whine here! So, here we are two days out from her class Valentine's Day party with no valentines to be given, and one frustrated mama.

We had purchased some themed suckers that come with an area to write "to" and "from" on them, and she was given a class list from the teacher. But, some how, some way, she ended up with too few suckers for her classmates, and had written her teacher's name on more than a few!

I knew we had to do something, but wasn't really sure what.  Of course, I could always run to the store and get more. I'd be able to just call it a day then. Heck, I could even write her friend's names on them for her if I wanted to. A lot of drama would have been avoided for sure.... But, I really wanted her to learn that there's always a solution to small problems, and that she could do it.

Luckily, I found these awesome free printable valentines for classmates that we simply printed on card stock and cut out. I had her write each classmate's name on them and tape the suckers to them as well.  Although the suckers already had names on them from her previous attempt, we just turned them around and taped. Viola!

We were grateful to have exactly 22 suckers, just enough for her classmates and I borrowed two from the candy bowl (shhhhh!) for her teacher and the teacher's helper. In a perfect world, we'd get them some awesome, handmade gift that shows them just how much we appreciate all that they do. But, it's been a long week and this mama's out of gas.

So, it's not perfect. But, let's face it... what really is? I'm hoping you can avoid the whole sucker fiasco the first time around and just print yourself some really awesome free printable valentines for classmates :)

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